Hello and welcome!

Thanks for reading my blog, which is most often written from my laptop in central Minnesota, USA. I am not a native mid-westerner, though. I was born in Seattle, Washington, and grew up in the Ballard neighborhood during a time which I call ‘Seattle Before Starbucks’. Upon graduating from Holy Angels High School, I moved with some friends to Minneapolis, MN, where I met the man who was to become my husband. We  married on 1/1/1972, and were blessed with two children, a son, and a daughter. I returned to school in 1980, this time in Marquette, MI, and became a registered radiologic technologist.

Blogging came into my life around 2005. Thyrkas’sblog.wordpress.com, subtitled *anchoring it down with print*, came to be in 2008 and is primarily about day to day events in my life, but also has a number of book reviews.

Thanks for stopping by to read the blog. I look forward to reading your comments!


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Well dear this section is for writing something about you, that is who are you, what do you do apart from blogging. What are your favorites and what do you hate. Also you can write message to the reader, regarding your blog. Well your blog is interesting, but people would like to read about the author of the blog too. So write something dear. I am waiting to follow you. O.K. take care…….

  2. HI Shelley! Thanks for allowing me to be a guest writer on your wonderful blog! It has been great to read the other guests’ contributions, too. Such good stuff! Thx! again. tkh

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