Well, I finally bit and installed WordPress on my iPhone. Read online at WordPress Reader about the improvements in their editing tools, codenamed "Aztec," which sounded very encouraging, so decided to try it. Truly want to believe that this will make blogging by phone a reality. One hassle to start with – was unable to see what I was typing when in landscape mode. It seems to work fine in portrait, so there's that.
Big inducement to try this was to use the dictation feature, which is what I am trying right now. Hurrah!! Very cool!
Next up… Adding images 🙂OK! Adding images is pretty slick. This may be very handy at the Glen Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, coming up in a few days. For now, though, there are a few chapters in Augustine's "City of God" to read. Better get at it…

4 thoughts on “Testing…

  1. HI! – This is the beta mode, but even so, it is pretty remarkable, and the dictation capability is wonderful!. I have had WordPress on my iPad for a number of years but it was very cumbersome and frustrating to use. Guess the upgrade is across all mobile devices, so will see how the iPad works on another day. Adding pictures to the blog entry on the phone was a snap – even I, your un-techy Mom, managed to do it on the first try! So far so good. : )

  2. Looks great Teri! I was managing my own spam email (apparently I am sending everyone notices about weightloss and worse) when I saw this fell into my Spam folder. I have now changed that and will again get your entertaining and informative blog! Can’t wait for more entries!

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