The strangest dream…

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OK, must get this down before it fades away to nothing. Last night I  dreamed that I was writing a book, a mystery. The main character was an investigator, a man of medium height who had a buzzy-type haircut for his thick graying hair, and carried around a short tumbler of tonic water where ever he went. He was a friendly, quiet guy, and people seemed to genuinely like him. People did not expect much of him, however, and he seemed to be a bit of a bungler, was absent minded and easily distracted. This character’s ‘assignment’ was to figure out how a local lawyer was able to get the vast majority of his clients acquitted without a trial. Our hero managed to solve the mystery, and cleverly;  so cleverly that the writer in my dream (me) was amazed and very impressed with him! (apparently this character in the book figured things out without any help from the writer!) As can only happen in dreams, I was the writer of the book, the reader of the book, and was also watching the movie made from the book at the same time.
This was a whole new dream experience, and a couple of things stand out:

1. I don’t think of myself as a writer of books, and  have never been a writer in any other dream.

2. Have never in my life featured a man as a main character in anything put into story form.

What does the dream mean? No clue. But it sure was fun to be able to read and write while sleeping! Now if I could just remember how the main character solved “The Mystery of the Quick Acquittals.”

4 thoughts on “The strangest dream…

  1. Perhaps you should begin your book … but begin with women??? Love the dream and how you relayed it!

    • Thanks,Bonnie! I don’t think I can write the book, though, until I figure out what the main character ( male or female ) knew about solving the mystery. Think if I go to sleep early I’ll get the answer?

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