Preface to the continuing saga of ‘Seattle Before Starbucks’

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It may not seem possible that there was a Seattle before Starbucks arrived on the scene, but there was. I was a kid then, so my perspective on life was a little  fore-shortened, but my memories of growing up in the Emerald City are numerous and strangely clear. I was born in 1952. That means when I was but a babe Dwight Eisenhower was president, Rock and Roll had proclaimed Elvis King, and the vast majority of mothers stayed home to raise their kids. Speaking of mothers, my Mom will figure quite prominently in this saga, as will my 9 brothers and sisters, St John’s Church and School, and our Ballard neighborhood. Dad is in the saga too, but mostly around the edges – hovering in a melancholy sort of way.

I hope to gather some of the stories of growing up in Seattle that I have written over the years and shuttle them in to this blog, which is presented in chapter form. So, yes, this will be ‘a continuing saga,’ with cliff hangers and love stories and surprise endings – on the order of the old radio shows that I used to listen to while growing up in Seattle …. before Starbucks.

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