Happy New Year!

Erica x darleyensis 'Arthur Johnson'

Image by wallygrom via Flickr

Do you entertain the thought of making New Year resolutions? My Mom had the same two resolutions every year:  to have better diction and better posture. I would observe her as she worked on them throughout the year –  every time she sat up straighter in her chair, or paused before she spoke, I recognized what she was doing. It never seemed strange to me that she made the same resolutions each year. I didn’t think that she had failed at keeping her resolutions by making them over and over again; they were simply worthy goals she set for herself each year.

I don’t like making resolutions myself,  but here is an interesting idea to carry into 2012, one that is new to me: a “one word’ style of resolution. Beth K. Vogt wrote about it in a blog post on the WordServe Water Cooler blog:


Or, if you are interested in action oriented resolutions, here are some ideas by Erica Johnson, a communication strategist from Automattic, Inc., called Project 365:


Whether you make resolutions or not, may the year 2012 be filled with blessings for you and all your loved ones. Happy New Year!

PS – I did meet one 2011 resolution: with this post,100 entries have been written for this blog! Ok, ok, I only made this resolution last month – but I kept it : )

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