What’s that say???

Flower motif in contemporary nakshi kantha

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Many years ago I was active in several quilters’ groups. At one of the quilt shows I bought a large metal pin that said “I am a QUILT lover.” The next day when I wore it several men and women were aghast as they read it. One thought it said, “I am a QUIET lover”; one thought it said, “I am QUITE a lover”, and one thought it said, “I am a GUILTY lover.” I took it off as soon as I got home from church and never wore it again. True story.

2 thoughts on “What’s that say???

  1. Bonnie – After the third person spoke to me about it in a very upset tone of voice, I thought, “OK, 3 strikes, you’re out; I don’t want to cause someone to have a stroke! But if I take it off now they will think they were correct. I’ll wait until I get home, then I’ll put it in my quilt supplies … forever.” I kept it for several years, but I never wore it again. I finally threw it out.

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