The question/prompt today on Plinky.com  http://www.plinky.com/was: “Describe your sense of humor. What makes you laugh?” Couldn’t pass up that question!

Words make me laugh. Malapropisms, spoonerisms, dysfunctional definitions, patter songs, clever adaptations and re-inventions of words. Among the words I enjoy the most are children’s mixed-meanings and mis-pronunciations of common words : “Mom, can I vacroom the livinguum?” “Grandma, you know that book you read to me lasterday? Will you read it to me tomorning?” “May I use the stampler?” Mom, were you going over the speed lemon?”
I am totally useless in dictionary games where-in the players have to make up their own definitons to uncommon words in order to fool other players into picking the made up definition over the actual one. I give everything away by laughing hysterically at the made up definitions.
If I am sad and want to cheer myself up, I will grab the book written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein and published posthumously by Harper-Collins in 2005 called “Runny Babbit , A Billy Sook” . Here is one of my favorite poems from that book:

Runny had to bake a tath
Before they’d sive him gupper.
He got so tungry in the hub,
He ate the rat of mubber.
He chewed his dubber rucky up,
He gulped boap subbles, too.
But what upset his mamma most
Was shrinking the dampoo.

Makes me laugh every time : )

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