Bread and Wine


One of my favorite people in the OT is King Melchizedek, who some say is one of the theophanies of the Lord in scripture. In Gen 14, after Abram has amazingly saved his relatives and their belongings from the enemy, King Melchizedek and the King of Sodom (yes, that Sodom) came out to meet the victor, and offer Abram some recognition of the great victory. King Melchizedek brings a blessing and … a feast? No – he brings bread and wine – a sign of fellowship. Why? Certainly to remind him that God had given Abram the victory. But also – isn’t it as much in our successes as our failures that we lose our focus in life? Perhaps the bread and wine were to strengthen Abram with elemental things, so that he could refocus physically, mentally and spiritually before he was to meet  the King of Sodom, who was waiting in the wings. And what did the King of Sodom bring to Abram? The offer of a business deal involving, not the exchange of goods,  but human flesh.
“He satisfies you with the finest of wheat.” Ps 147:14

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