I think I get it now…

When first starting to read the scriptures, I began with the gospels. On reading  the book that chronologically follows the gospels, called the Acts, I was shocked! Who were these guys? They seemed to have the same names as the men in the gospels, but maybe they were a different bunch of men. I went back to the gospels and checked the names of the major players of the Apostles, and then checked their names against the text in the Book of the Acts. Yep – same guys. Could the Holy Spirit really make such a difference in how people understand and think and live, so much so that they didn’t seem like the same people? Could Jesus really dwell in us by the Holy Spirit and thus make us different people? Apparently so. A  facebook friend  (Leonard Sweet) explained it this way: Because of the Holy Spirit, Duh-ciples became Disciples. Couldn’t agree more.

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