The future is in good hands

Here is a facebook conversation I wanted to share. Shawnna is the mother of four chidren. I love reading her facebook comments.

Shawnna Larson Schmidt Well I was reclining on the examination bed this morning. The doctor came in with her stethascopitthingmagiggy ready…. I began to question her educational and medical credentials when she used it to listen to my feet. UMMMM… then she gave me a big smile. Well I guess I can cut her some slack , I mean, like she is only two years old. No copay… she’s out of network but I think she’s headed places.



    • Teri Hyrkas Too cute! Reminds me of when grandaughter Morgan – 5 years old at the time- asked me to please let her examine my ‘broken leg’ because she was a doctor. I said ‘sure’ and went to lie down on the couch so she could check out the ‘owie’, when suddenly Morgan said “Congratulations! It’s a girl!” I said “A baby? I thought I had a broken leg!”She said “It’s more fun to have a baby than a broken leg.” I had to admit that Dr Morgan was right about that!

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