Humor and Christianity? Really?


Leonard Sweet ‎”Humor is a prelude to faith, and laughter is the beginning of prayer.” –Reinhold Niebuhr
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      Scott Bostwick Funny you should mention that… 

      Yesterday at 11:08am ·

      Carol Fouts Krau There isn’t a “Love” button to click, so I’ll just have to “Like” this. 

      Yesterday at 11:13am ·

      Karl K. Whiteman sometimes you just have to laugh in order to have faith… 

      Yesterday at 1:17pm ·

      Barbara Taylor Minton ‎…and sometimes you have to have faith in order to laugh! 

      Yesterday at 1:30pm ·

      Karl K. Whiteman AMEN & AMEN!!!!!!!! 

      Yesterday at 1:35pm ·

      Teri Hyrkas Did you hear the one about the front runners who tried to keep the blind man on the side of the road quiet when Jesus came walking by? The front-row-seaters never ‘saw’ who they were with, but the blind man did. The joke was on them : ) 

      Yesterday at 2:28pm · ·

      Ann Johnstone P’raps Niebuhr said that because it’s easier to tune in to God when we are relaxed. Sometimes we just try too hard to be spiritual, whereas it’s the most natural thing in the world: we were created to for relationship with God.

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