Yes, we have no bananas!

Dale Connelly, on his blog Trail Baboon, brought up the subject of the disappearing banana. You can read about it here:, under the heading “Have a Banana!”

One of  the points of discussion was  about genetically modified foods. No one at the blog seemed to be very much in favor of those who practice the scientific art of genetic modification.

Ironically, one of the favorite characters invented by Dale Connelly for his long running  MPR radio program called “The Morning Show” , was Dr. Larry Kyle of Genway Laboratories. Connelly,along with his co-host Jim Ed Poole (Tom Keith), created the mad genetic scientist Dr Larry Kyle who was continually developing bizarre strains of food which seem to offer great advantages over typical grocery store foods – or do they?

Anyway, those of us who were fans of the Morning Program have fond memories of all of Connelly’s characters, but because today’s blog mentioned bananas and genetic modification in one thread, well, here’s what the blog morphed into:

thyrkas says:

  • But, but, … what about Dr Larry Kyle? (cue the thunder and lightning) And Genway foods? (wild hysterical laughter echoing in a windowless science laboratory). He can save the banana, surely! In some form, anyway. Maybe he can devise a Cheshire Banana which could fade away at any time, but while it is present, it will smile and talk to you.


    • madislandgirl says:

      I think it would help me a lot if Dr. Kyle could develop a cold tolerant variety so they would fit in with my locovore aspirations.

      Maybe one that grows in winter, pre-frozen for chocolate dipping? Or maybe with the chocolate coating instead of a peel?


      • thyrkas says:

        Ooh madislandgirl! – a new variety of banana by Dr Larry Kyle:
        Chiquita Chocolata Frozenianabanana!

      • Dr Kyle: ”So icey and full of chocolate that it is slippery without the peel! (Thunder rolls in the background)You’ll need to wear mittens to eat them – don’t forget about the dangers of frost bite! Dale, these bananas are so cold, you don’t even have to store them in the freezer – ha ha ha! They have been known to keep small houses cool in the summer time!”(Thunder crashes)

      • Dale: “But Dr Kyle, if they are that cold shouldn’t we worry about, you know, our tongues getting stuck to them?”

      • Dr Kyle: “NO, Dale! Minnesotans do not need to worry because their tongues have been genetically modified to deal with that situation. We will only release the Chiquita Chocolata Frozenianabanana in this state. More monkeying around – I MEAN – research must be done before we can allow this product to cross state lines. You can find them at any Genway store – they are kept in the air conditioner. Just lift the front panel and take one out. ”

      • Dale: “Thank you, Dr Kyle.”

      • Barbara in Robbinsdale says:

        Wow, Thyrkas, thanks for the Dr. Kyle! Almost like hearing him!

      • Krista in Waterville says:

        I think Thyrkas must have been a ghost writer on the Morning Show… too funny!

    • thyrkas says:

      No, I definitely am not now, nor have I ever been, a ghost writer for the Morning Show. Dale didn’t need anybody’s help to produce his marvelous collection of characters and their antics. What this does show, though, is how alive those characters still are in our minds. We can imagine what they would do, how they would sound, what they would say, just as we might with any close friend or family member.
      Hope Dale and Jim Ed know how deeply we enjoyed their fine writing and acting, and how keenly we miss them.

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