His Mom said what????

It has been in the news for days now, about flight attendant Steven Slater’s unceremonious, boorish departure from his job.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV5_IxDWVfs

In short, he threw a tantrum while at work on a Jet Blue airliner that was on the ground; he grabbed the intercom and swore at one customer in particular and then at everyone on the plane in general, and also cursed his employer. Next, he stole a beer from the plane, opened the emergency escape door, and slid down and away from the plane – straight into the arms of security – who took him to jail.

The media coverage of this event was widespread and continuous – and I was happily tuning it out when I came upon an interview with Mr Slater’s mother about her son’s behavior. She supported it 100%. Said she couldn’t blame him and said that she would probably do the very same thing. Sheesh! I was amazed and had to think about what my Mom’s reaction would be:

My Mom would say,

to S.S’s display:

“Come down off your pedestal, Bub!

You’re acting so foolish! So Junior High-schoolish!

Get upstairs and scrub out the tub!”

Mom had zero tolerance

When her kids acted like a dunce,

And her cure was to work us like heck.

We couldn’t ‘slide’ out of it,

Would not have dared thought of it –

We knew she’d be coming to check!

So to S.S. I say,

“At the end of the day.

Mom set some good rules down in stone.

We learned to endure,

Rise above, feel secure;

And leave slip-n-slide antics at home.”

Thanks, Mom

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