Do chickens have a sense of humor?

I am not sure if chickens care for  stand-up comedy, but I know they are into slapstick. My niece, Anna, and I were driving down the back road to town when we came upon a  red-crested white rooster  which had been run over. I mean this poor animal was flat as a pancake! We decided that on our return trip we would pick up the carcass of the rooster, take it home and bury it. Thirty minutes later as we drove home, we spotted the rooster – up, lurching around on the road as if he had been on a three day bender, and crowing – all with a very mean look in his eye. We could hardly believe it, but there he was! We had been in a somber mood on the ride home, thinking about the poor rooster, but we burst out laughing when we saw him all in a huff and angrily crowing away at the world.
And then there was the time when early one morning Aunt Thelma tried to chase a chicken back  into the hen house. No problem – until the chicken got under her flannel nightgown. Her husband was there, too,  but couldn’t come to her rescue because he was laughing so hard. Yep, without a doubt, chickens are into slapstick humor.

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