The Jesus Manifesto

Teri HyrkasThis is some dialog from Facebook between Professor Leonard Sweet and myself about the book “The Jesus Manifesto”. This book was was written by Professor Sweet and Frank Viola, and was released in early June, 2010

Teri Hyrkas

Leonard – you forgot to put a “Kleenex needed” warning on the book sleeve. I started reading The Jesus Manifesto on my lunch hour – couldn’t continue because I didn’t have enough Kleenex with me. This is a book about the One I love – can’t read it without tears blurring my vision – thank you.
June 9 at 2:49pm · ·
Leonard Sweet

Leonard Sweet

I used a lot of tissues writing it, so glad I’m not alone, Teri. Like Mary at the tomb, those tears can help us see what’s really there . . . angels unawares. Where others (Peter/John) saw dirty laundry, she saw angels and became the “apostle to the apostles”
June 9 at 3:05pm ·
Daniel Tocchini

Daniel Tocchini

I’m buying it today!!

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