An attempt to cheer up Deanna…

Wish I could cheer you up a little Deanna. Would you feel better if I told you that our kids/grandkids all drove 5 hours to our cabin and then came down with the stomach flu as soon as they got there? Keep in mind there were 10 people, 3 of them sick, in a cabin that is 850 sq.ft big with one bathroom.

It was Morgan’s B-day party weekend, but we had to keep a pretty low profile with the food/games. Only those who were upright and taking food got any B-day cake, which BTW, I dropped off the tray. Had to spoon up as much frosting as I could from the counter and try to reapply to the cake in a semi-artistic fashion.

Morgan – who is turning 9 – wanted a surprise B-day party, so we all went into the summer kitchen, and when I gave Morgan the signal, a big smile and a nod, she walked in and we all (those who could make it to the table, that is) yelled “SURPRISE!”. It was as much fun as a B-day could be, under the circumstances. Feel better now??? : )

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