Thoughts on cloth diapers

Teri Hyrkas 

Teri Hyrkas 

Back in the day when my kids were babies (they are 13 months and 2 days apart in age) and I was using cloth diapers, I would sometimes have to leave a messy diaper in the toilet while I tended to other more immediate concerns. One day as I was heading down the hall to the bathroom to take care of the diaper, I heard our 18 month old son cheerily humming in the bathroom. I also heard some splashing and laughing – yes, the little guy was happily rinsing out the messy diaper in the toilet. I mentally kicked myself for leaving the bathroom door open, and quickly took the situation in hand. But it made me think – could this be an image of how the Lord forgives our sins – our messes? Not begrudgingly, not with threats and stern disapproval, but with joy and a little humming?
Another diaper story – In good weather it was always nice to hang cloth diapers on the clothes line. They dried quickly, the sun bleached them white (such power the sun – the light – has!) and they smelled so sweet! They smelled so good, in fact, that I often would bury my nose in the diapers as I took them off the line, even though I knew exactly what had been in them before they were washed – you can construct your own images out of that one. “Wash me and I will be whiter than snow..”

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