A friend of mine, a non-fisher person known as Miss Debbie because she was reared in the south, worked for an engineering company which won the contract to construct a section of four-lane highway just north of the metro. One of the many aspects of Miss Debbie’s job was to meet the public and listen to the various concerns of the folks living close to the construction site.
At one memorable public meeting, which was attended by the construction company’s legal representatives from New York, citizen after citizen stood to express concerns about ‘d’opener’, and how road construction was going to be a horrible barricade to ‘d’opener’, and ‘d’opener’ traffic was going to slow down to a trickle, etc.
As people were speaking Miss Debbie watched the faces of the lawyers from NY, which were growing more and more concerned about what they were hearing. Miss Debbie began listening to the lawyers’ whispered conversations , and realized that she was witnessing panic rising from  misunderstanding of the word, ‘d’opener’. The legal guys were wondering what kind of dope trade was being done in the small towns of the Midwest, and did their company want to be considered as aiding and abetting criminal activity by building a four-lane highway which would eventually help speed the criminal activity!
At that point Miss Debbie addressed the meeting to explain that ‘d’opener’ should be translated as ‘the fishing opener’ and had to do with the spring ritual of thousands of Minnesotans driving north in their vehicles to begin the very legal walleye fishing season.
The lawyers relaxed, the citizenry at the meeting laughed, and Miss Debbie had a fish-tale to tell about ‘d’opener’.

2 thoughts on “D’opener

  1. HI Deanna! I wish I could get Miss Debbie to write out this story herself – she would have made it much more interesting and funny. Our whole family knows this story and now calls the fishing AND the deer hunting opening weekends ‘d’opener’.

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