Play Ball!

The Twins baseball team open the  regular season in their new roof-free, real grass stadium today – exciting! It’s been a beautiful early spring, so the idea of watching a baseball game without a roof overhead has been enticing. Son Rob, who lives downtown, is a Twins fan. He’s already been at the stadium four times to see exhibition games and loves the new site. John and I will be joining him to see a Twins game in May, and because Rob has experienced the Twins’ new digs, he’s  got some suggestions for me:
“Mom – bring sunscreen, and don’t forget your sunglassses for the first part of the game because if it isn’t raining or cloudy the sun will be right in your eyes with the seats we’ve got. And bring your jacket, because eventually we will be sitting in the shade and it gets chilly. And bring your binoculars and your mitt – you don’t want to miss any of the action and you never know about flyballs. Have you got a raincoat or an umbrella? Bring those too. I love the new stadium: open-air it is; climate controlled it isn’t.”
I am taking his suggestions to heart – I sure hope they let me bring my wheelbarrow of supplies into the stadium : )

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