Holy Saturday

Today is Holy Saturday. In Holy Week, this is the day of waiting. I think we as humans wait more than we realize;  we wait for the mail, the phone call, the email message. We wait for the new baby to come, the package to come, our kids to come home. Wait for the clothes to dry, the cake to bake and the microwave to buzz.  We wait for good health, good weather, good times.There isn’t much that we don’t wait for, it seems.  Our culture has given a name to those who have perfected the challenge of waiting – they are known as patient people, and we view them as virtuous.

But it isn’t very often that there is a day that all the world waits. Holy Saturday is that day. This time we are waiting for more than we realize, and more than can be realized, apart from God. We are waiting on you, O Lord. We wait and we pray. Psalms 25:3   “Yea, let none that wait on thee be ashamed:”

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