Ten Minor Characters in the New Testament


The next few days I will post some short items from a Bible survey class I attended that involved a lot of reading and writing. The class was a great experience – I would recommend it to anyone!  The Ten Minor Characters found in the New Testament paper was one of the final requirements of the course.


Luke is the first person I have chosen to write about because all of the other characters I have chosen are found in Luke’s gospel.

I love the gospel of Luke. I love that Luke is a careful investigator (Luke 1:3), that he identifies the time and people so accurately (Luke 1:5; Luke 2: 1-2) and that he acknowledges Mary’s stories of Jesus, (Luke 2:51) and considers them important enough to record. I love that he was a faithful and courageous friend to Paul, (2Ti 4:11), and that he loved the Lord and his friend Theophilus enough to undertake to draw up an account of the things that were handed down by those who from the first were eyewitnesses. (Luke1:1-2)

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