Nice surprise

Terri Baas spoke of the book called “The Sojourner” by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (she is also the author of the book, “The Yearling”) at  book discussion group, mentioning the parallels between the book we discussed at our meeting, “This Heavy Silence” by Nicole Mazzarella, and “The Sojourner”. I offered to try to round up some inexpensive copies of “Soujourner” in the hope that we could read it for our March book club selection. Terri mentioned that she purchased “The Sojourner” quite inexpensively at a sale somewhere.

 What I found out in my quest online for the book is ( I only checked Amazon and Powell’s. I think I will look a little further before I quit the search completely) that it is out of print, there are no paperback editions and the hardcover editions costs $36 a piece!  Unfortunate for us, but a happy boon for Terri Baas!

Sounds like you have a valuable book, Terri! Now I am a little nervous about keeping it for a while. Thank you for lending it to me –  I will take good care of it!

PS – Terri said she bought the book for $1 at a garage sale. Definitley got a good return on her investment!

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