Gorgeous day here in Zim – good morning all!
My wonderful son in law’s first name is Trail. He is the youngest of 5 children whose home is in the area in North Dakota where the Lewis and Clark Expedition spent their first winter as they traveled west. Trail’s mother and father have a great interest in the expedition, and in fact had named two of their boys after the explorers. Toward the end of her pregnancy, Marlene’s good friend called with ‘Trail’ as a name suggestion for a boy. She had realized that if the 5 kids’ names were put together, they could make this sentence: “Lewis and Clark left at Dawn on the Clay Trail.” Marlene was not in favor of the name, but she asked the kids what they thought, and put it to a vote. Clark, Clay and Lewis voted ‘aye’; Dawn voted ‘no’. They ‘ayes’ had it. The baby was a boy and was given the name Trail.
Trail deals with his name very well, and says the only hassle is being named after a common noun means that people conjure up a picture of you when they first hear your name.
I appreciated the sentence with all the kids’ names in it because it made it very easy to learn the names of Trail’s brothers and sister.

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