Losing things

Comment Preview

This is a comment I made on the Trial Baloon, a blog associated with Dale Connelly’s  radio program on MPR called Radio Heartland. The question was, “Have you ever hidden something so thoroughly you couldn’t find it again?” Several people shared their ‘lost’ stories; I was forced by a guilty conscience to share mine:

 HAH! Got you all beat. I managed to carry around a set of car/house keys of a friend for about 9 months without knowing it, so in essence, I lost HER keys but actually had them in a zippered pocket of my own purse the entire time. I would swear under oath that I did not put her keys in my purse – but then how could they possibly have gotten there? I don’t know which was worse – watching my friend scramble to get copies of keys made, frantically searching high and low as she did, or finding the darn things and having to admit to her they were in my blasted purse! That she chose to forgive rather than strangle me is a testimony to her extremely kind heart. Thanks, Tara!

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