Setting records with Hula-hoops

My only venture into the world of organized competition, outside of school sports, was a hula-hoop competition which took place when I was a kid;  this is where my ‘setting a record’ claim to fame appears.

 When hula-hoops were new in the Seattle area there was a city wide competition organized. Kids in various age groups had to qualify at a local grocery store, I think, and then moved to the final hula-hoop games held in downtown Seattle, if I recall correctly. I was 6 years old at the time, and somehow qualified for the final commpetition. What I remember about it is: large groups of people watching, heavy crowding at the area of the games; scores of kids competeing (all the girls wore dresses, of course), and men in suits acting as judges. Each judge had a game/skill they oversaw, staying in the area of their event. I made it to – maybe – the second level of the competiton, and because of the crowding around the game sites, one of the judges accidentally backed into my hula-hoop as I was competeing. I was given another chance to do the course, but didn’t do well and didn’t advance. I think there was a certificate of participation given to each child. That was the end of my competitive endeavors – so much for setting records!

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