So Beautiful

Have you ever had an MRI exam? I have. As a radiographer (RT-R), I have studied about MRI machines, how they work,and what they show in the human body. But I had never thought about the MRI and the Christian life until reading Len Sweet’s wonderful book, “So Beautiful”. Sometime after reading the book, I read a comment about the power of magnets posted by LW on Dr. Sweet’s Facebook page. Suddenly, I began to see. Cool! An MRI unit is, in part, a high powered magnet(Magnetic Resonance Imaging). The type of living that Len Sweet writes about in “So Beautiful” is MRI living : Missional, Relational, Incarnational. If we are in relationship with the Main Magnet (Christ said: “If I be lifted up I will DRAW all people to myself”), then we can assist the Main Magnet to do the type of work an MRI does – helping the sick and injured visualize the cause of pain or illness. Next we can be a part of the treatment team as we help bring each other to the Great Physician.

All of Dr.Sweet’s books are filled with wordplay, metaphors, imagery and challenges that initiate “Ouch!”, and “Hmm” and “Wow” from thoughtful readers. “So Beautiful”, about the divine design for life and the church, has brought another word to mind for me: Alleluia!

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