Other vacations, other places…

Thinking of previous vacations brought this story to mind:

I went to London with a friend in 2004. We walked all over London together, only splitting up to see different venues on one day. I went to the National Gallery, my friend went to the Museum of London. We were to meet at Westminster Abbey at 5pm for Evensong. What was I thinking??? I get lost in Zimmerman, my hometown of 25 years! I absolutely got lost. Thought I was at the Abbey at 4:45pm. No – I was at Parliament! Kind Bobby said, “Madam, if you will follow that little footpath…” I ran down the footpath – begged entrance to the church as they were closing the gate. “Madam, do you intend to stay for the entire service?” “I do!”, I vow. Ran into church – minor miracle, I see friend already seated! I sit several rows behind her. Asked friend if she had trouble getting to the church on time? “No – took a cab. Dropped me off right in front. You?” “Oh no – no problem at all.” Lying. And I was still in church, too.

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